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To win the battle against counterfeiters, companies have to use a broad array of options. We provide an overview while at the same time knowing the consequences of each step the opponent may take.  

The IPR Company helps businesses to build profitability through integrated IPR strategies, executing involvement of all parts of the company which have relevance for the success rate of an IPR strategy, such as production, sales, service and marketing. We can help you improve your company’s continued and unhindered growth as well as improve the possibilities of fighting potential or actual counterfeiters, by considering all relevant reactive and proactive measures.

The IPR Company do not register rights nor litigate in Court, but prefers to be the client's in-house IPR resource. However, The IPR Company always offer its clients to draw on its broad network of highly skilled lawyers investigators and agents, while The IPR Company prioritize to be the client's objective counsellor and "robe holder" in relation to external IPR service providers. We offer international insight and operational business knowledge to the client and broad legal expertice and expert knowledge about the clients reality to the national law firms / agents / others.

In short our services include both the legal aspects as well as relevant strategic analysis - but always through a "hands-on" approach. This means that when your company wants to take up the battle against counterfeiters, we will be able to tell you what legal and practical implications for example administrative action, prosecution or a lawsuit performed before the civil Courts could have for your company in China, as well as which overall strategic and tactical actions that are needed to build the foundation of the actions.

Our preferred working method is as an in-house function in your company, e.g. by asking the right questions and challenging relevant employee's and management we can compile and structure the results of the analysis in an International IPR Strategy to secure your company a fully integrated IPR basis for the future, or simply assist your company by doing all or parts of its daily tasks within the IPR area. The IPR Company’s preferred position is being your internal discussion and strategy partner, who – at the same time - is capable of making IPR operational!

Below is a short introduction to some of The IPR Company’s services, all developed and / or tailor-made to our clients:

It is important to know the IPR status of you company. In this regard The IPR Company offer to conduct a thorough analysis with regards to your company’s current IPR portfolio worldwide, your company’s products in the perspective of the current corporate goals for your company, as well as the administrative handling of your intellectual property rights. The outcome can be either a discussion or a workshop containing a ‘status analysis’ of your company’s current situation and how this can be further strengthened in the future, i.e. how structuring your company’s product development cycles can lead to more IPR development - and thereby enhanced and unhindered room for future development and financial growth.

An International IPR strategy is a planning tool, taking into account the company’s current situation and emphasizing where to focus in the future to reach company goals, by specifying directions on how to get there. It is the ultimate strategy tool presenting clear milestones in the upcoming period as well as how to act in specific settings. Furthermore, the tool sets out directions for budget indicating what is needed to implement the steps proposed in the International IPR strategy. The International IPR strategy is therefore a guiding document, taking into account both the legal, judicial and product situation of the company, providing a long term corporate perspective on how, when and to what extent the company should create, administrate and enforce intellectual property rights in the future. Collecting decisions from company stakeholders and management sponsors as well as providing answers on where to go within all chosen areas, as well as securing an absolute consistent strategy which takes all influential parameters into account.

IPR MANAGEMENT - The operational implementation of the IPR Strategy 
The actual implementation of the International IPR Strategy is very essential. The IPR Company does not only participate in suggesting the overall frame of development and execution, but are capable of assisting with the implementation as well. The final recommendations might also contain products like an Information Flow Project, an Information System, education & supervision, and/or contracting with agents or suppliers in China etc. The implementation of such projects can be handled by The IPR Company.

For small and medium sized companies, The IPR Company can be your internal IPR team on an ad-hoc basis. This way, smaller companies that do not have internal IPR knowledge can gain an IPR knowledge platform to help them in the decision processes.

The IPR Security Audit™ is an audit performed by The IPR Company within your company or at your sub-contractors - preferably both places. The outcome of the IPR Security Audit™ is a report which in great detail identifies how a client’s intellectual property rights (IPR)’s, trade secrets and valuable know-how are handled in regard to the need for confidentiality, availability and in order to evaluate the risk of internal staff or third parties getting access to and / or abusing such privileged information.

The IPR Security Audit can be extended with education of relevant employee's, development of IPR audit schemes, IPR security guidelines etc.


Deciding which actions should be taken against different kinds of infringements in China as well as internationally can be difficult. A multitude of different options are available in different countries. The IPR Company has got broad experience in advising in such legal remedies. The IPR Company takes departure in analyzing your company’s needs and options in the relevant country/-ies and do hereafter develop a specific legal strategy for the matter at hand, based on local legislation and case-law as well as the overall International IPR strategy for your company. The IPR Company focuses not only on the judicial options, but do also take the business strategy options into consideration. We can also provide local specialists within all IPR areas all over the world. It should be emphasized that The IPR Company has special competencies build on years of experience in global anti-counterfeiting, especially with a China-dimension.

Collecting further evidence and case-related documentation to be able to take the next step against already known infringers is a service The IPR Company delivers. The IPR Company have been on several visits to infringing companies and know which information to collect and how to analyse it for your company to take the “right” next step!

The IPR Company has developed an EU Customs software product, ECIS, which serves the need of the client as well as the Customs in all EU member states. The IPR Company’s system eases the process and can be used in all EU countries, creating optimum and easy-to-handle Customs intelligence. This possibility of alternative “protection” can ultimately mean that customs authorities in all 27 EU countries will be aware of which infringements to look out for, and who to contact, how to proceed etc.
The basis for ECIS is "Help Customs to help you efficiently"!

Contact The IPR Company to get further details on how to proceed with the EU customs application as well as a presentation of already conducted EU custom applications.

Seen in a broad perspective, it is The IPR Company’s experience that select employee segments and management in your company might be further educated in the creation and use of intellectual property rights, thereby being enabled to create additional future value for the company. The reasoning behind choosing IPR education is to enhance the basic understanding of why to prioritize the future protection of the company’s products and other developments against copying as well as to enhance the competitive distance to the company’s main competitors, hereunder to upgrade the effectiveness of operations against copy products. However, it is clear that with different employee groupings come different needs. The four different business units that The IPR Company have experienced as the most important in this relation are Management, Product Development & Design, Marketing & Sales and the IPR-responsible. Each of the seminars are structured to this exact group and has different exercises during the seminars, the exact content of the seminars is off course dependent on your company’s situation, and will be structured after a prior discussion with your company.

Gathering relevant intelligence about copy products is a big problem for companies working internationally. The Intelligence Flow Project focuses on securing reliable intelligence about copy products from your company’s relevant personnel, distributors and sales companies globally or in selected countries / regions. 


Please feel free to contact The IPR Company.






The IPR Company is the first company to serve clients with an interactive EU Customs Application software - an outstanding concept, which has been positively recieved by both Customs authorities and clients.

Read more about the EU customs product here.

Or contact The IPR Company to get a detailed introduction.

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Pas på de intellektuelle rettigheder når der outsources – Der er nogle udfordringer, men også muligheder i den kinesiske IPR-lovgivning, som gør, at man som dansk virksomhed skal tænke sig om, når man sourcer i Kina. Både inden for varemærker, patenter, designs og ophavsrettigheder gælder der specielle regler i Kina, som man skal være opmærksom på. Read more.

Den globale mission II: Krigen mod Kinas kopipirater Henrik G. Jacobsen var som virksomhedsjurist i LEGO med til at føre legetøjsgigantens sag ved domstolene i Kina i 2002. Han har i dag sit eget firma, The IPR Company, som har specialiseret sig i at hjælpe danske virksomheder med at tackle piratkopieringer i Kina. Read more.

Danfoss opruster mod kopisterne "Vi bliver især kopieret i Kina, og typisk sendes kopierne via Mellemøsten til EU. Så vi har allerede problemer i Europa i dag, men de er ikke så store som i andre dele af verden. Dette er et forsøg på at stoppe strømmen, før den for alvor tager fart," siger [Danfoss]. Pakken er udarbejdet af danske The IPR Company, der rådgiver danske virksomheder om IP-beskyttelse i Kina. Read more.

"Virksomhederne forstår ikke politikernes moral, når det gælder kopi-produkter" En billig pakke kopi-lego til fem kr. Det virker måske uskyldigt, når den danske turist står på et lokalt marked i Østen. Men det enorme marked for kopiprodukter koster danske virksomheder dyrt. Read more.

"Danish IPR adviser: piracy hotline a good signal 

China is not just a country with one of the worst reputations in the world for violating Intellectual Property Rights- IPR.

The country's government is also - either alone or under pressure from the USA and the EU - willing to do something about the problem.

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